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In terms of investment, 1,000 invested in a similar venture 35 years ago would now yield a figure in the region of 10,000. 2,000 would be the working capital, bringing each share in at 12,000.

Every 10 years shares would be revalued. Should a member wish to sell their share it could be sold on to the group or any other interested parties. The group would ideally have some capital in a reserve account to cover all eventualities

There is currently an ideal property on the market, but this may be sold before the funds are in place to instigate this project. When you register with Land & Leisure, you will be invited to make your investment of 12,000 as a full share, 6,000 as a half share and 3,000 as a quarter share. This will help acquire the capital needed to purchase the suitable farm land as soon as possible.